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Current Films

Hearts of Men

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Hearts of Men is a feature-length film that is a blending of narrative and documentary elements. The narrative portion is a deconstructed and timeless re-telling of the ancient prodigal son story — interwoven with interviews of thought-leaders on the subjects of brokenness, identity and grace.

Saved for a Reason


The King’s Highschool boys basketball team wasn’t about to lose a third state championship in a row – little did they know their biggest roadblock wouldn’t be on the court.

Past Projects

Rape for Profit

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Executive Producer Jada Pinkett Smith brings you “Rape For Profit”, a powerful documentary the Huffington post calls, “Disturbing and Provocative”. Set against the backdrop of Seattle’s downtown city lights, “Rape For Profit” takes the audience undercover for an up-close look at the true nature of the sex trade. The film unveils a growing problem in major U.S. cities where girls as young as 12 years old are bought and sold as many as 15 times a night to service the desires of men.


The Table

“The Table” is a powerful vignette produced by Thespis Motion Pictures for the national Dream Dinners brand which was distributed to nearly half a million people upon launch.


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